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Vertu is one of the leading motor retailers in the UK.

The company trades predominantly under the Bristol Street Motors, Farnell Land Rover, Farnell Jaguar, Macklin Motors, Vertu Honda and Vertu Volkswagen brands.

Vertu also partners with most of the major franchises including Ford, Nissan, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Peugeot Citroen and Hyundai.

With over 4,000 engaged colleagues in over 100 retail outlets, Vertu is now the sixth largest motor retailer in the UK with the drive and ambition to keeping growing.

HR Tip

Stacey McNally – Group Head of Recruitment

Ever heard the saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? Well, this is particularly true during any recruitment and selection process. It’s all very well having the right skills, knowledge and experience, but you also need to impress us as soon as you walk through the door. Preparation is everything. Do your research about the company. Be able to answer questions such as who we are, what we do and who are our main competitors


Depending on the role;

  • Company Car
  • Share Incentive Scheme
  • Preferential Service Rates
  • BUPA
  • Pension
  • Vertu Reward Scheme
  • Child Care Vouchers
  • Colleage Purchase Scheme
  • Life Assurance

What's it like to work with Vertu Motors?

  • Des Sanders - Service Manager

    Describe your typical working day?

    A typical working day consists of keeping the staff up to date on our current performance, driving the Service department while still maintaining a high quality of Service being provided. Dealing with any customer concerns or issues within the department.

    What qualifications/training do you have?

    I have around 16 years of experience in the motor industry with Ford, Citreon, BMW, Saab and Vauxhall starting as an apprentice level 3 mechanic working up to master tech ATA accredited, Mot tester, NVQ in engineering, Service advisor, Warranty admin, Workshop controller, basically covered all roles in the service department up to current role Service Manager.

    What is the best thing about your job?

    The best thing about my job is having my dealership performing at such a high level, makes you proud of your team and being part of it. Also being part of such big well established company with a secure future ahead.

    What is the biggest challenge?

    The biggest challenge is keeping everyone motivated when times are tough, keeping the high standard consistently week in week out.

    What skills do you need in your job?

    You need good people skills as you are dealing with a wide variety of personalities. It’s also very important to be organised in what you are doing as its very easy to fall behind. Also make time for your staff no matter how big or small the issue is.

    What advice would you give someone applying for a job with Vertu Motors?

    My advice for someone applying to Vertu motors is if want to work hard and progress in your career they are the company for you, all hard work comes with recognition in this company, opportunities are available if you want to reach them but don’t come without hard work. Joining Vertu Motors was the best career move I ever made and in my time with the company I have developed more than all the previous years before in the motor industry. Vertu Motors gave me the opportunity to reach my goals and progress my career for the better.

  • Rik Shield - Head of Business

    Describe your typical working day?

    There is no typical day for me but there are some tasks that need to be completed on a consistent basis to ensure the best possible performance from the Dealership. These tasks include: running departmental meetings to ensure that all colleagues are fully up-to-date and know what is expected of them during the day. It's also an opportunity to listen and motivate. I always ensure I walk the dealership several times a day so my team know I am approachable but also visible to what is going on. I constantly and consistently drive the performance of my Dealership forward and ensure we are delivering an outstanding customer motoring experience.

    What qualifications/training do you have?

    I have 8 O levels, now known as GCSE's and numerous qualifications and certificates in specific motor trade areas.

    What is the best thing about your job?

    I love the buzz of daily challenges my role brings which can be anything related to colleagues, customers, products or performance. It’s what keeps me motivated and driven.

    What is the biggest challenge?

    My dealership is a large site and a very prestigious brand so ensuring I can keep all the plates spinning at the same is an enormous challenge, at the same time an enormous motivator.

    What skills do you need in your job?

    Leadership, time management, commercial acumen, customer focus, drive, energy and passion.

    What advice would you give someone applying for a job with Vertu Motors?


  • Vicki Salt - Service Advisor / Service Manager

    Describe your typical working day?

    My typical working day consists of welcoming customers into the service department for work that has been arranged for their vehicles. First thing in the morning either myself or my Service Manager carry out a 10 minute buzz session with the team to recap on the previous days performance. This includes going through any urgent work identified and sold on customers vehicles, targets achieved from the previous day, customer satisfaction responses and we motivate the team for the day ahead. I liaise with the Workshop Controller to ensure all customers are kept informed about the work being completed on their vehicles and about any problems that have arisen. I also deal with these issues in a timely and supportive manner. I support all members of my team with promoting other products and services to our customers as well as providing coaching to them when are faced with customer complaints. I carry out work audits, run through all of the work that is currently in progress, rebook any outstanding customers and ensure all data capture is up to date.

    What qualifications/training do you have?

    I have a Bsc (2:1) in Psychology and Criminology and briefly worked with a Clinical psychologist when I left university. I soon realised this career path was not for me. I had previously worked for another car dealer in the area before I joined Bristol Street Motors. I left my previous company due to lack of organisation and career opportunities. Once I realised the professionalism and integrity of Bristol Street Motors I have been extremely keen to progress. I am currently on the company ‘Aftersales Evolution Program’, which is a program designed to develop internal colleagues to be the future Service Managers of the company. The company have fully supported through this program which included attending a variety of courses and , taking accountability for a number of projects. This has been extremely helpful and as a result I have now been offered the job of Service Manager at one of our other Bristol Street Ford Dealerships.

    What is the best thing about your job?

    The best thing about this job is the opportunities available to me within the company. If you have the drive and determination your opportunities are unlimited.

    What is the biggest challenge?

    The biggest challenge is keeping up to date with manufacturer’s standards as they are constantly changing. Another challenge is ensuring I consistently adopt a flexible approach and encourage this in my team.

    What skills do you need in your job?

    Organisation and Customer Service are the absolute key skills required in my role. The service department is extremely and consistently busy and it is absolutely vital that customers are kept up to date and informed at all times. You need to be a calm and collected individual and be able to quickly build great rapport with customers. Customers engage with the person they are dealing with and we represent the whole dealership. This means you need to be outgoing, friendly, smiley, chatty and confident. At all times you need to look after the customer and go above and beyond meeting their expectations.

    What advice would you give someone applying for a job with Vertu Motors?

    I would say to someone that the company has a great ethos and every colleague within our business is very clear about what we are here to achieve. The company offers extensive training and support to colleagues who really want to progress. The company have very clear targets and expectations so you always know what is expected of you. The professionalism in the company is fantastic and is something that attracted me to work for them.


00:00 - 01:10 Introduction: - Vertu Motors PLC – Corporate Overview Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “Vertu Motors is about making sure we deliver an outstanding customer experience, through honesty and trust and we put those words together through a lot of thought, in so far as if we are to build a sustainable business we have to build a database of customers who want to deal with us and keep coming back to buy their cars and have their cars serviced and repaired. And we have to do that so that they trust us. And if we can have a business where we have the right management and the right colleagues with the right culture so that customers feel that difference in terms of experience then we’ll have a very very strong business. So Vertu Motors when it was created in 2006 was about doing motor retail and franchise motor retail, specifically doing it the right way, with the right culture set, the right values and to have a mission to deliver outstanding customer experience.”

01:10 - 01:50 History of Vertu Motors Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “We as a management team felt that there was an opportunity for a new entrant in UK franchise dealerships and with the help of our investors in the city put together a vehicle to do that. From 2007 onwards we acquired a significant number of dealerships. The first acquisition Bristol Street Motors in March 2007 was 35 dealerships and it was the 13th largest player and since that time we’ve added a substantial number of other dealerships growing the number of dealerships from 35 to close to 100 in the intervening 6 to 7 years.”

01:50 - 02:33 Business Model Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “Our franchise dealers, operators, we have 19 different franchises which we operate and the business model is quite simple, we have to have the right dealerships in the right locations with the right franchises. We have to delight customers so they will buy cars from us and then we have to make sure they want to come back for a service. And it’s the combination of sales and service which makes our business model work. Being fantastic at sales and hopeless at aftersales is no good, and ditto if you’re great at aftersales but no one comes because you never sell the car in the first place, you’re not in a great place.”

02:33 - 03:35 Who are Vertu’s franchise partners? Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “We have 19 different partners, we’re the 3rd largest Ford retailer in the UK, we have substantial Vauxhall business, we’re one of the largest partners with Peugeot and Citroen, we’re a growing partner of Hyundai, we have a substantial Renault and Nissan business and also Landrover. But we have a large number of different partners which means we’ve got exposure to their product lifecycles, so when one manufacturer’s product lifecycle goes up hopefully we’ve got another one coming through to take its place. We aim for our franchises to mirror the market shares of the UK automotive industry. So, for example the largest player in the UK in volume terms is Ford and our largest partner is Ford, the second largest is Vauxhall and that’s our second largest partner and we’ve recently gotten exposure to Volkswagen which is the third largest manufacturer in the UK. So our strategy is to mirror the market share of players in the United Kingdom

03:35 - 04:38 What is Vertu’s acquisition strategy? Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “The proximity of a dealership to population, the proximity of a dealership to major main road access and actual visibility from major highways is a crucial part of our acquisition process, to make sure we are absolutely certain that the dealership is located within a town of appropriate size or city of appropriate size and in the right location. So geography at a micro level for a retailer is absolutely crucial.

We have a wider geographical strategy, we have dealerships from Exeter, in Devon down through to Kent, through London and then all the way through the major corridors of population in United Kingdom all the way up the M1, up to the North-east and up to Fife and along the M6 all the way up through the midlands, the East midlands all the way up to the North-west and the west of Scotland. And our strategy is to grow a national business but a national business based on high population areas where there is substantial markets for us to operate”

04:38 - 06:03 Vertu’s people and the five unteachables Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “People are the variable key in our industry, there’s no two ways about it. If we have the right people we can deliver phenomenal success and when we actually come to recruit, we’re trying to recruit people who we believe have the characteristics that we need in our business. We operate on what we have 5 unteachables and if somebody in our business or we’re looking to recruit somebody in our business is missing one of the 5 unteachables we think we’ve got a real problem and probably shouldn’t recruit them. So for example Character is very important, innate Talent for the job is very important, having the right Drive, the right Energy, the right Attitude. If you have an individual that has all those characteristics you have fantastic raw material with which then with our culture and training, we can make great things and they can have fantastic careers. Having somebody with one of those missing is a problem, having someone with poor energy or poor character or poor drive, poor attitude or no innate talent for the job we’re going to give them is ordinarily a problem for us. So when we are actually working with our management we are trying to stress all the time that they should be looking for the very very best people, we should be rewarding great performance very well, we should be recognising great performance and that’s one of our values of recognition in order to build a great business. Great businesses where never built on poor people.”

06:03 - 07:27 Financial Performance Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer “Financial performance of the business has been steadily improving after our acquisition process has been to buy predominately underperforming businesses at a reasonably competitive value and then turning them round to generate shareholder return. Increasingly over the last number of years we’ve seen our profits rise, lagging the rise in turnover but substantially as we turn the businesses round, the turn-round of businesses is really quite simple, if it’s the right business and we sell lots of cars, then we build the database and then we sell lots of after-sales hours and after-sales hours have a higher margin attached to them than vehicle sales. So it’s about growing the business, growing the database, excelling with customers so they come back and building profitability. To take a broken dealership to a high performing dealership takes about 4 years which is all about building that incremental sales and incremental database. And our profit numbers of late have seen that profit growth coming through quite strongly in recent periods. And that’s very important because clearly we have to deliver not only for our manufacturer partners, for our colleagues but also for our shareholders and we are very very focused on that.

07:27 Finish


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